Got something to celebrate or just want to enjoy Tatton Beers in the comfort of your own home or party? All our beer can now be enjoyed at home and is supplied to order direct from the brewery or from one of our Retail Outlets.

All of our regular and many of our seasonal beers are sold in 500ml bottles which are carefully filtered to preserve the flavour of the draught beer and to ensure you can enjoy them in perfect condition each and every time.

Live beer ordered in advance is sold in poly-pins – these are available from the brewery: they come in the following sizes:

5 litres (about 9 pints)
10 litres (18 pints)
poly-pins (20 litres approx 36 pints)
firkins (9 gallons, 72 pints)

The mini-pins and poly-pins are plastic bags inside a cardboard box, while the firkin is a standard stainless steel or plastic cask as normally supplied to pubs (a tap is included in the cost of a pin or firkin). Handpumps are available for hire.