Social Drinking – Social distancing style.

Little did we know when we took this photo a few weeks ago when we brewed Tatton Ten ; that sitting and having a beer with good freinds would be taboo.

Tatton Brewer has always said that drinking is a social activity ; something to be done with good friends over banter , random conversation and musings.

Indeed our logo ‘the beer drinkers’ shows this with two Mesopotamia figures sharing a drink from a single pot though reed straws.

So as we can’t do that in real life we will be tasting Tatton Ten with you at 7pm live on Facebook and Instagram. If you have some Tatton Ten already please join us – if not join us anyway with whatever you do have and let’s have a social drink Lockdown Style.

Tatton Ten is not yet available in bottle – but we have some in the brewery we can put into bag in the box for you.

As we are down to two in the brewery – to maintain social distancing- we didn’t get our act together this week to get our tasting beers out in time so apologies for that.

Next week we are going to be tasting White Queen – Belgian style wheat beer also available in beer box format . So if you plan to join us next week – make sure to order your beer box early so we can get it to you – bearing in mind even more disruption due to Easter.

Tatton Ten
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