Our Beers

Cask and Craft

Whilst we are renouned for our Cask beers, we also brew exciting, and innovative craft beers.

We have 4 regular beers, always available in cask across Cheshire and the North West complemented by seasonals, occasionals and project/craft beers.

Our Regulars and seasonals are normally available in cask, bottle, mini cask and bag in the box.

Our project beers are available in Keg and Can.

Tatton Yeast
Our  cask beers are brewed using a yeast last used by a Chesters Brewery over 50 years ago; Chester bought out the last brewery to operate in Knutsford in 1906, so as well reviving the tradition of brewing in Knutsford we may well be reviving the actual yeast that was used by them.