Seasonal Brews

 We have 4 regular beers, always available, complemented by seasonals and occasionals, to add variety and a little fun to our range. All of our beers have a rich creamy head when poured through a sparkler.                                (click on pump clips to view a larger image)

Tatton Ale 3.7%abv   

Used to be a regular - now an irregular, but still as lovely. An easy drinking session ale with a rich copper colour.

The beer has a full malty/toffee flavour for its gravity, balanced by a soft bitterness and hoppy, fruity taste and aroma.

Tatton Ale

White Queen 4,2%abv - Spring (March -May)   

'White Queen' gives a nod to the royal wedding 2011, but is primarily our spring seasonal.

White Queen is a Belgian white Wheat beer and is spiced with co
riander, Curacao orange peel, and cardamom - reputed to have aphrodisiac properties.

Its a naturally cloudy wheat beer,  a whiter shade of pale.
white queen

Lazy Haze 3.7%ab -Spring/Summer occasional 

A light, refreshing summer ale with subtle honey undertones, brewed with a unique infusion giving a delicate aroma.
Summer Honey SubtleTea
Lazy Haze

Indian SUmmer 4.0%abv - (June-August)   

Wholesome Hoppy Happiness!

This pale offers a zesty aroma over a dry biscuity finish for a sophisticated mugful of sunshine.

rUCK & mAUL 4.3%ABV - (Sep/oCT AND fEB/mARCH)  

A classic, smooth English porter - rich dark ruby coloured ale with undertones of coffee and molasses. 

"The only trophy we won this day, was the blood and sweat we left on the
pitch.... and it was enough"  Anonymous

Replace those lost fluids with a Ruck&Maul

ruck and maul

Yeti 4.5% abv - (november - fEBRUARY)

Stomp out the chill! A rich fireside copper-coloured winter ale with a distinctive warming flavour and classic British hop aroma..

obscure 5.7% abv - (From April 2010) 

Obscure is a dark, hoppy strong ale with a complex malt blend giving an intricate aroma. 

It's definitely not your obvious beer.

RED HOT POKER 6.0% ABV (From Christmas 2012)

A spicy, fruity, warming beer with a rich ruby red colour and a big flavour - subtle ginger, orange and clove. At 6.0% you need to handle with care!
red hot poker

Tatton tackle 4.5% ABV - (Football world cup 2014)

A biscuity golden ale brewed with Brazilian sugar rapadure for a real taste of the football World Cup, dry-hopped for a pronounced aroma that is slightly resinous, citrus and hints of spice and tropical fruit.
tatton tackle

Red red rye 3.4% ABV

Brewed with rye malt, full-flavoured with a hint of toasted malt and subtle berry aroma.

Vipa 6.3% ABV (5th anniversary special)

Our 5th anniversary brew is a strong pale ale, balancing exotic fruit character with a modern British hop aroma. Brewed with British and European malts, Cheshire honey, and hopped with Bramling Cross and UK Cascade.