Our Beers

4beers Our beers are available across Cheshire and the North West. We have 4 regular beers, always available, complemented by seasonals and occasionals, to add variety and a little fun to our range. All of our cask beers have a rich creamy head when poured through a sparkler

Tatton Yeast                                  
Each of our beers is brewed using a yeast last used by a Chesters Brewery over 50 years ago; Chester bought out the last brewery to operate in Knutsford in 1906, so as well reviving the tradition of brewing in Knutsford we may well be reviving the actual yeast that was used by them.

regular brews:

Tatton Session Special Series 3.7%   

A series of ever changing session ales - all at 3.7%.

Call the brewery for details of our current Session Special. Each brew carefully designed and beautifully brewed to get the maximum flavour profile in a 3.7% beer, to keep your customers coming back for more.

Tatton Session

Tatton Blonde 4.0%abv   

A blonde beer, with hoppy fuity taste and a fine fruity aroma. 


Tatton Best 4.2%abv

A classic light amber coloured best bitter with a clean malt flavour and fine hop character derived from a blend of aroma hops.

Tatton Best

Tatton Gold 4.5% abv

A full-tasting, satisfying deep golden special ale. This is a beer with a generous maltiness backed up by a robust hop character.
Tatton Gold