Tatton Best won best beer at the first ever Cheshire Country Fair Real Ale competition in August 2010.

10 Cheshire breweries submitted beers that were judged by the public over 3 days in a blind scoring of appearance, aroma and taste  andTatton Best came out on top.

Tatton Best also came Joint 2nd in the champion Beer of Cheshire competion in September 2010 at the Northwich Beer Festival, at the same time it also won Beer of the festival. Thanks to the North Camra Cheshire team who came down and presented us with the certificates.

Other Cask Awards:
Tatton Gold - won 4th place in the Champion Beer of Cheshire in 2010 and 2012.
                   - won a bronze medal at SIBA NorthWest in 2013
voted the best Non Welsh beer at the Swansea beer festival
taking a 3rd place overall out of over 100 beers.

Yeti - regional finalist at National Champion Winter Beer of Britain in 2012

Ruck and Maul - won a gold medal at the Bird in Hand beer festival in 2011

Bottled Beer Awards:
Ruck and Maul - won a bronze medal at the International Beer Festival 2012
                        - won a bronze medal at SIBA North 2012

Obscure - won a silver medal at the International Beer Challenge 2012

Lazy Haze - won 1st place at the National Honey Show in 2012
                 - won a silver medal at the International Beer Challenge in 2013
                 - won 2nd place at National Honey Show in 2014

White Queen - won a bronze medal at International Beer Challenge 2013

Colins Beer
Every pint of Tatton you buy makes us feel like us we have won an award.  Wwanted to share some comments you have sent us about our beers, that make us feel like winners:

Tatton Best from the new Knutsford brewery arrived as promised at the Egerton Arms, Chelford on Friday 11th June. It went on sale on Saturday and I tried it yesterday. It was well worth the wait, scoring the same as Germany, who were on the telly in the pub (4)! The handout describes the beer as "a classic light amber coloured best bitter with a clean malt flavour and fine hop character derived from a blend of aroma hops". This seemed a pretty accurate description'

'The event was a massive success, so was your Tatton Best, I am glad to report.The feedback was extremely positive, everybody reported that they reallyliked it and several people came back and repeatedly asked for it overand over again - always a good sign of a satisfied customer!!'

'I had the good fortuneto be taken to the Egerton arms on fathers day and got a chance to try the Tatton Best, it was worth the wait. Gentlemen you have an excellentproduct there and I am sure it will do well, I am taking my little drinking crew there on Friday so they can all have a try.''

I had some Bitter at the Cross Keys and it was superb. I understand that the two casks you had at the Dog Festival went really quickly.

Just thought I would send some feed back following the show at Tatton last weekend. (NW Food Lovers - Oct 2010)  I tried Tatton Best, Gold and Indian Summer and thought all three of them were full of taste and very likely to get a second pint ordered in any pub the beer is available. My personal favourite was Tatton Gold and if I hadnt been driving on Friday, Saturday and Sunday I would have spent most of the day propped up against the stall I think