Enjoy Tatton Beers at home

Got something to celebrate? Or just want to enjoy Tatton Beers in the comfort of your own home or party? All our beer can now be enjoyed at home and is supplied to order direct from the brewery or from one of our Retail Outlets


All of our regular and seasonal beers are sold in 500ml bottles which are carefully filtered to preserve the flavour of the draught beer and to ensure you can enjoy them in perfect condition each and every time.  
Live beer is sold in poly-pins - these are available from the brewery and selected retail outlets: they come in the following sizes: 3L White

5 litres (about 9 pints)
10 litres (18 pints
poly-pins (20 litres approx 36 pints). 
pins (36 pints) 
firkins (9 gallons, 72 pints).

The mini-pins and poly-pins are plastic bags inside a cardboard box, while the pin or firkin is a standard stainless steel or plastic cask as normally supplied to pubs (a tap is included in the cost of a pin or firkin). 

Beer in poly-pins is supplied with yeast sediment  - beer with sediment will continue to produce small amounts of carbon-dioxide and helps the beer to keep fresh for longer.  

The sediment normally takes 24-48 hours to drop to the bottom of the container so  you will need to order, collect and store your beer in time if you want it  to enjoy it  crystal clear. It can be drunk before it clears, and sometimes the first beer out of a pin is still a little hazy as the sediment can collect in the tap, this is also fine. A 50 deposit is required for each plastic 36 pint pin or 72 pint cask ; if you give us a cheque we will return it to you when you return the cask.  
Please email your order or call us on 01565 750747, you must include your phone number in your email so that we can confirm your order in person.

We accept cash or all major Credit cards.

While we try to maintain adequate beer stocks to satisfy demand, we may oaccasionally not hold stock of all our beers for retail sale.

If you know you are going to want a particular beer we suggest therefore that it's best to place your beer order well in advance to avoid disappointment.

If you require beer in a box for Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday we would like to get your order by Thursday morning if possible. Otherwise we can usually provide beer with 24 hours notice.