About The Brewery

Tatton BreweryL-R: Andrew Last (Assistant brewer), Gregg Sawyer (Owner & head brewer), Lee Gannon (Assistant brewer).

Tatton Brewery is a family-run brewery in Knutsford in the heart of Cheshire, just a stone's throw from Tatton Park.

We brew both classic and contemporary style beers in a modern brewery, and our beers are  available on draught in pubs and at events throughout Cheshire.

Tatton Beers are available to drink at home in a range of mini pins, pins, cask and bottles. Call the brewery for more details.

We have a custom built modern brewery, and have combined this with a traditional local yeast (revived after 50 years retirement), the finest ingredients and years of experience creating internationally renowned beers, to brew what we believe to be Cheshire's finest beers.

Our brewery has been specifically designed to enable us to brew consistently good beer, we believe each and every pint we sell needs to be as good as the last one. We like to think this is what sets up apart from other small brewers, and hope that you will appreciate our efforts.

casks - Jon Faber

(Photo  courtesy of Jonathon Farber.)

About Our Logo

The Dilmun beer drinkers

The Tatton Brewery Logo
depicts a convivial couple sharing beer from a drinking vessel, illustrating Tatton Brewery's ethos: good beer is a social pleasure to be shared with good friends.

The logo originates from ancient Mesopotamia, birthplace of brewing. Our brewer's roots are in the island of Bahrain, which was once the ancient trading centre Dilmun, where many of these Mesopotamian traders' seals were found. Known colloquially as The Beer Drinkers, it seemed natural to adopt this 4000-year old seal as the logo of the new brewery.

It's all about ...

..beer. But not just any beer; it's about brewing the best beer possible, using only the finest ingredients.

..having fun, and following Greggs calling (and passion) to brew beer professionally.

..sharing that experience with those we meet along the way who feel the same way about beer as we do.

..creating an ethical and sustainable business, that treats customers and staff with respect and cares about the community in which it operates.